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Madison Cate Cemetery, Sevier County, Tennessee

 Inf.    23 Mar 1890    7 Jun 1890   s/o W.S. & Maggie

The infant was a son of William Spenser Bryan and Margaret Malinda (Maggy) Cate.  Their first two children were Gertrude b. 1 Jun 1885 and Nellie b. 20 May 1887.  The infant was a third child.  William Spenser Bryan was the son of Robert Reedy Bryan and Rebecca Langford.  Maggy Cate was the daughter of Madison Cate and Martha Underwood.  So the Bryan infant was a grandson of Madison Cate.

  Carrie R. Bull) 18 May 1867   29 Jan 1901  Married to W.P. Cate
                                             12 Feb 1888
  Maggie F.     ) 21 Nov 1895   12 Oct 1899  d/o W.P. & C.R.
  Madison)         9 Mar 1826    9 Feb 1907
  Martha )        14 Jun 1832   17 Apr 1907
  Little Roger    No dates                   s/o Pryor & Paralee;
                                                   Age 2

Carrie R. Bull was the wife of William Perry Cate.  I suspect she was Caroline Rosamond Bull, daughter of Elijah Bull and Mary Adaline Read Thompson, but I cannot prove it.  William Perry Cate's brother Pryor Cate married Paralee Adra Bull who was indeed the daughter of Elijah Bull and Mary Adaline Read Thompson.

Maggie F. was a daughter of William Perry Cate and Carrie R. Bull.  She was not listed in Our East Tennessee Kinsmen, and therefore most researchers do not seem to have Maggie listed as a daughter.

Madison Cate was the son of Joshua Cate and Elizabeth (Betsy) Wilhite.  Also, Madison was the father of William Perry Cate who married Carrie R. Bull.

Madison's wife Martha Underwood Cate was the daughter of George Underwood and Elizabeth Kymes.

Roger Cate was the son of Pryor Cate and Paralee Adra Bull, and the grandson of Madison Cate.  One would suspect that Paralee Adra Bull and Carrie R. Bull were sisters, but I do not have proof at this point.

  Grover Cleveland     10 Jul 1892    9 Aug 1912
  Perry G.              8 Aug 1885   28 Jun 1902

Grover and Perry were grandchildren of Madison Cate and Martha Underwood.  Their parents were Mary Ann Cate and Harvey W. S. Underwood.  Perry G. seems to be a slight error in transcription because I have his name as Perry Cate Underwood.  His stone probably says (or maybe should say!) Perry C. Underwood.

  Inf.             Born & Died   14 Jul 1893 s/o J.M. & A.E.

This one is a bit of a puzzle.  The infant appears to be the son of J.M. Caldwell and Adra Ellen Cate.  Adra was in turn the daughter of Madison Cate and Martha Underwood.  This makes sense for the Madison Cate Cemetery.  Only trouble is that I have Adra Ellen Cate marrying Dr. Turner A. Caldwell rather than Dr. J.M. Caldwell.  Burl Underwood has Adra Ellen Cate marrying J.M. Caldwell.  In either case, Adra Ellen Cate and Mr. Caldwell had a son named Turner Caldwell born about 1892 who also became a doctor.  It makes me think that the elder Caldwell really was Dr. J.M. Caldwell and that the younger Caldwell was Dr. Turner A. Caldwell and that father and son have become confused.  In any case, based on the cemetery evidence I have chosen to list Adra Ellen Cate's husband as Dr. J. M. Cate, and I therefore believe the Caldwell infant was a grandson of Madison Cate.

  Evaline      2 Jun 1851    7 May 1922
  J. A.       13 Apr 1849    9 Dec 1925

This is Evaline Cate, daughter of Madison Cate and Martha Underwood, and her husband James A. Campbell.

  Ada           8 Dec 1890   27 Oct 1895

I am guessing this might be a daughter of Bruce Ferguson and Nancy Lenore (Nannie) Cate (daughter of Madison Cate and Martha Underwood).  Hence, Ada Ferguson would have been a granddaughter of Madison Cate.  However, I don't have Ada listed as a daughter of Bruce and Nannie, and Bruce and Nannie were married 13 Mar 1891, three months after Ada was born.  But given that this is the Madison Cate Cemetery, that's the only thing that makes sense to me.

  Carnie       16 May 1892   8 Sep 1896

I don't have a clue on this one.  But if we ignore the curious spelling of the surname and assume it should be Ferguson, this also might be a child of Bruce Ferguson and Nannie Cate.  I have a Mary Ferguson daughter of Bruce and Nannie b. about 1892.  I wonder if Mary and Carnie were the same person.

  Maud Campbell   1 Jun 1885    1 Jun 1913 w/o J.E.

This is Maud Campbell, daughter of James A. Campbell and Evaline Cate, and a granddaughter of Madison Cate and Martha Underwoood.  Burl Underwood says Maud Campbell m. James Mount 6 Jan 1911 res. Nebraska.  Also, Burl Underwood says there was one child James Mount, Jr. and that Maud died giving birth.  Burl Underwood doesn't give a date of birth for James E. Mount, Jr., but based on the death date for his mother I am listing his birth date as 1 Jun 1913.  I don't know if James Mount resided in Nebraska before or after his wife died, so I don't know if she died in Tennessee or Nebraska.  I would guess she died in Tennessee and that James Mount moved to Nebraska afterwards.

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