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1930 Census, Harlan County, Kentucky

Harlan, E.D. 48-1, Harlan County, Kentucky, 3 Apr 1930
p.2b, 402 Main Street, dwelling number 41, family number 43
Peters  Charley  54 head  m m@28 w  transfer tax, public  TN TN TN
        Laura    41 wife  f m@18 w                        TN TN TN
        Lennie   22 dau   f s    w                        TN TN TN

Charles Allen (Charley) Peters age 54 was the son of Thomas Jefferson (Tom) Peters and Charlotte J. (Sharlley) Shannon, and the grandson of my third great grandparents John W. Peters and Ruby Smith.  As such, Tom was the brother of my second great grandfather John Henry Peters, and Charley was the first cousin of my great grandfather Alva Edward Peters.  Charley was born 29 Aug 1878, probably in Morgan County.  He died 13 Sep 1955.

Sharlley Shannon was the daughter of Pleasant Wright (Wright) Shannon and Sidney Viles/Voyls.

Laura T. Jones age 41 was the daughter of John S. Jones and Belle Smith.  Laura and Charley were married on 24 Dec 1905 in Morgan County, Tennessee.

Magistrate Dist. 2, E.D. 48-13, Kenvir, Harlan County, Kentucky, 3 Apr 1930
p.104b, dwelling number 99, family number 99
Daniels  Eather      25 head  m m@18 w  motorman, coal mine  KY KY KY
         Nannie      24 wife  f m@17 w                       KY KY KY
         Doris        6 dau   f s    w                       KY KY KY
         Freda   3 3/12 dau   f s    w                       KY KY KY
         Joe     1 1/12 son   m s    w                       KY KY KY

Joe Elmo Daniels age 1 1/12 later married Pennie Sue Livingston.  Pennie is the daughter of Arthur Osco England (Jack) Livingston and Anne Maude (Annie) Johnston, the granddaughter of Ernest Madison Johnston and Ernest Madison Johnston and Febry Ellen Bray, and the great granddaughter of Robert Henry (Henry) Bray and Maude Elizabeth Hinds.  Uncle Henry was the son of my second great grandparents Joseph A (Joe) Bray and Ferriba Salina (Salina) Moore.  As such, Uncle Henry was the brother of my great grandmother Mary Mahala Jane (Mahala or Haley) Bray.

Joe Daniels was the son of Eather C. Daniels age 25 and Nancy Jane (Nannie) Honeycutt age 24.

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