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1860 Census, Blount County, Tennessee

Dist. 5 Blount County, Tennessee, 8 Jun 1860, Friendsville PO
p.36b, dwelling number 170, family number 170
Key  David      66  m w  farmer  /$1000  TN
     Nancy      66  f w                  TN  cannot R/W
     Thomas K.  29  m w                  TN
     Elizabeth  27  f w                  TN
     John J.    21  m w                  TN

David Key age 66 and Nancy Bright age 66 were the parents of Martha M. Key.  Martha married first Warren J. Hyden in 1853 in Blount County, she married William Cole in 1867 in Knox County, and she married Joseph Yarnell in 1872 in Knox County.  I believe that Martha's second husband William Cole was the first cousin of my second great grandfather William Cole.

In addition, Elizabeth Ann (Ann) Cole age 27 married George Cole in 1864 in Knox County.  I believe that George was the brother of the William Cole who married Martha M. Key.  This census entry and also the 1870 census data for the family suggest that Ann was the daughter of David Key and Nancy Bright.  If so, then two Cole brothers married two Key sisters.  However, there was no Elizabeth Key or Ann Key who was enumerated in the household of David Key in the 1850 census.  Elizabeth Ann might have been David's niece who moved into his household between 1850 and 1860.  A more likely possibility is that Nancy Key from the 1850 census entry for the David Key family was the same person as Elizabeth Ann Key.

Dist. 15 Blount County, Tennessee, 12 Jul 1860, Tuckaleechee PO
p.133b, dwelling number 937, family number 937
May  Adam   60 m w  general  /$50  VA
     Betsy  37 f w                 TN

(I am uncertain about the transcription of Adam's occupation.  Whatever it was (and it wasn't  farmer ), there were a lot of people who had it.  I think it was  general  as a shorthand for  general laborer .)

I do not recognize this Adam May, but he was probably one of mine.  I do not know if Betsy was Adam's daughter, or a younger second wife.

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