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Greenwood Cemetery, Knox County, Tennessee

map of Greenwood Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery is a large cemetery on Tazewell Pike in the Fountain City section of Knoxville, Tennessee.  The mailing address is 3500 Tazewell Pike, Knoxville, TN 37918-2585.  The office is at the entrance.  The cemetery is so large that it would often be impossible to find a grave on your own, and the office staff is very friendly in helping you find the graves that you are looking for.

The cemetery is divided into blocks, sections, and plots, e.g. block 12, section 3, plot 2.  The blocks are indicated on the map to the left.  Each section generally contains 12 plots, numbered 1 through 6 and then 7 through 12 from the northeast.

Surname index: Bryan  Elmore

    Name Index

Bryan     Benjamin Boswell - infant son of George Steward Bryan and Martha Ella (Ella) Elmore
Bryan     George Steward - son of Peter H. Bryan and Mary Ann (Polly Ann) Cate 

Elmore    Martha Ella (Ella) - wife of George Steward Bryan

George Steward (Steward) Bryan, his second wife Martha Ella Elmore, and their infant son Benjamin Boswell Bryan.

There is a stone for Martha's grave, but Steward's grave and Benjamin's grave are unmarked.  It is possible to identify their unmarked graves using records from the cemetery.

Steward was the son of my third great grandparents Peter H. Bryan and Mary Ann (Polly Ann) Cate.  As such, Steward was the brother of my second great grandfather William Allen (Will) Bryan.

Steward was born 9 Nov 1869 (or possibly 17 Aug 1869 - there are conflicting records) and died 27 Feb 1953.  Benjamin was born 11 May 1910 and died 21 Aug 1912.

Martha's stone reads as folows: Mother, Martha Ella Bryan, August 23, 1873 - October 5, 1940.

Martha Ella Elmore grave site

Block 8, section 24.  Benjamin - plot 1, Martha - plot 8, Steward - plot 9.
GPS: 36.032101, -83.913443.

Martha Ella Elmore grave site Martha Ella Elmore grave site

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