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Rehoboth Church, Greenbrier County, Virginia

The Rehoboth Church is located in Union, Monroe County, West Virginia.  However, I document the church in Greenbrier County, Virginia for historical reasons.  At the time it was built, the church was located in Greenbrier County, Virginia.  Greenbrier County was later split to form Monroe County, and the Rehoboth Church was in the part of Greenbrier County that became Monroe County.  During the Civil War, Virginia was split to form West Virginia.  Both Monroe County and Greenbrier County then became a part of West Virginia.  Monroe County and Greenbrier County are in a very mountainous and remote part of West Virginia, and the eastern boundary of each county forms the Virginia and West Virginia state line.

The Rehoboth Church was built in 1786.  As such, it was the first church built west of the Alleghenies.  It is now the oldest surviving church west of the Alleghenies.  The word "Methodist" is not a part of the historical name of the church, but the church was built by Methodists and the tradition is that it was dedicated by Bishop Francis Asbury himself.

It is believed that both Henry Peters Sr. and Tobias Peters Sr. were married in the Rehoboth Church before they moved to Anderson County, Tennessee in 1797.  It is suspected that Henry and Tobias were brothers, but this has not yet been proven.  DNA evidence demonstrates that they were closely related, but it may never be possible to prove that they were brothers.  Henry was my fifth great grandfather.

modern day picture of church

This is a recent, modern picture of the church.

church bulletin from Rehoboth Church's Heritage Day

This is a church bulletin from Heritage Day at the Rehoboth Church.  I do not know the date of the bulletin.

church bulletin from Rehoboth Church's Heritage Day

This is a photograph of the church from the same church bulletin.

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