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John England and Vesta Zipporah (Zipporah) Choate

Descendancy Tree for John England and Vesta Zipporah (Zipporah) Choate (starts with John's father Joseph)

I have five England lines in Anderson County, Tennessee.  Four of them go back to John England and Vesta Zipporah (Zipporah) ChoateJohn and Zipporah were originally from Virginia.  I haven't yet determined the exact date they moved to Tennessee.  It was apparently fairly early.  Jacob England, Joseph England, and John England were on the 1802 taxpayers list for Anderson County.

Joseph England of Virginia had sons John, Joseph, and James.  I do not believe that the elder Joseph England ever moved to Tennessee.  I also do not believe James England, son of the elder Joseph, ever moved from Virginia to Tennessee.  Joseph's sons John and Joseph were listed on the 1802 taxpayers list for Anderson County.  I cannot identify the Jacob England who was on the 1802 taxpayer list.  John England from the 1802 taxpayers list was the one who married Vesta Zipporah (Zipporah) Choate.

My fifth England line in Anderson County arrived much later, about 1850.  They moved to Tennessee from Burke County, North Carolina.  I believe my Virginia line of Englands started out in Burke County, and that the two families are one and the same.  However, I have not been able to prove it.

My first England line was Titus England, son of John England and Vesta Zipporah (Zipporah) ChoateTitus England married Elizabeth.  There is much confusion about Titus because there were many Titus Englands in Virginia and Tennessee.  For example, my Titus is often identified with a Titus England who married Elizabeth Stewart.  But Titus England and Elizabeth Stewart were about twenty years older than my Titus and Elizabeth.  In addition, my Elizabeth was enumerated as a widow age 55 on the 1850 Anderson County, Tennessee census whereas Elizabeth England nee Stewart was enumerated as a widow age 75 on the 1850 Benton County, Missouri census.  The rest of the Titus England line was John England (son of Titus England and Elizabeth) who married Jane Peters, and Vesta Clay England (daughter of John England and Jane Peters) who married William Cole.  Note that there are two John Englands in this line, with one being the grandson of the other.

My second and third England lines were both the same person, Sarah (Sallie) England, daughter of John England and Vesta Zipporah (Zipporah) Choate.  The reason that Sallie England was both the second and third lines is that I am descended from two of Sallie's daughters, Zipporah Peters and Jane PetersSarah (Sallie) England married Thomas Peters.  Their daughter Zipporah Peters married Alfred Carter Cross.  Their daughter Jane Peters married John England, and the lines cross.

The primary proof for Titus England and Zipporah Peters is the 1852 Anderson County settlement of Zipporah (Zipporah) England (nee Vesta Zipporah (Zipporah) Choate).  The settlement lists both Titus England heirs and also Zipporah Cross nee Peters.  The primary proof for Jane Peters is several affadavits in the John England's Civil War pension file that say that Jane was the sister of Zipporah Peters.

Titus England was enumerated in the 1830 and 1840 Anderson County censuses.  He died 1840/1850, and Elizabeth was enumerated as a widow in 1850.  John England, son of Titus and Elizabeth, was living next to Elizabeth in 1850.  So, too, was William England, another son of Titus and Elizabeth.  William England was the administrator for the 1852 settlement of his grandmother Vesta Zipporah (Zipporah) Choate.

My fourth England line was Jane England who married Henry Peters Jr.  Henry Jr. was the brother of the aforementioned Thomas PetersJane England likely fits into the family, but I'm not yet sure how.

My fifth England line was Jacob England of Burke County, North Carolina.  As described above, he was possibly related to all the rest, but if so the exact relationship is not known.

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