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Private Acts of the Tennessee Legislature

Acts of 1887, Chapter 132, Page 231, changed the lines between Knox and Sevier counties so that all properties belonging to G. W. Underwood and George King be included in Knox County.

Private Acts of 1901, Chapter 283, Page 649, moved all the lands from Sevier County into Jefferson County which belonged to W. G. Cate, J. W. Douglas, J. P. Moore, W. G. Bull, and E. Bull.

Private Acts of 1835-36, Chapter 87, Page 216, appointed James P. H. Porter, Micajah C. Rogers, Anthony Lawson, John Mullendore, and Elijah Cate, as Commissioners to lay off and build a road of the first class from the end of the Smokey Mountain Turnpike in Sevier County to the public road in or near Cumberland Gap in Claiborne County. They were to make reports to the County Courts through which the road would pass whereupon the Court shall appoint an overseer and hands to keep the road in good repair. Any failure to comply could lead to indictment and trial.

Private Acts of 1841-42, Chapter 32, Page 34, appointed William Ogle, Senior, Andrew Pearee, Robert Shealds, George W. Cowan, William Catlett, Ira M. Hill, Allen S. Bryan, Jesse Langston, and William Thompson, as Commissioners, to open books and to receive subscriptions of stock up to $25,000 to make a turnpike road from the northern end of Smokey Mountain Turnpike to some point on the route leading to Cumberland Gap which point would be designated by the Commissioners. The point, however, would be kept below the Pigeon River mountains. When the road was completed, one toll gate could be erected but no resident of Sevier County would be compelled to pay any toll charges.

Private Acts of 1843-44, Chapter 203, Page 226, appointed George McCown, John Mullendore, William Henderson, Martin Shultz, William Ogle, Senior, William Trentham, Robert Shields, William Catlett, John Ellis, Samuel Bailey, John Walker, J. M. Hammer, G. W. Porter, and George Fox, as Commissioners to open the books and receive up to $10,000 in stock subscriptions for a road to run from the north end of the Smokey Mountain Turnpike to Pigeon Forge on the west fork of the Little Pigeon River. Shares would be sold at $20 each and this company could purchase all the shares of the Turnpike Company, if it so desired.

10. Private Acts of 1845-46, Chapter 150, Page 226, authorized James P. H. Porter, John Mullendore, Allen S. Bryan, William Catlett, George McCown, John Walker, William Ogle, Senior, J. H. Hammer, and William S. J. Ford, and their associates, to incorporate as the Sevier County Turnpike Company to build apparently the same road mentioned above. They could issue up to $6,000 in $20 shares. The act had a schedule of tolls to be charged at the one toll gate to be allowed but residents were exempted from paying it.

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