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This is the beginnings of a kayaking log, but very few of my little excursions are logged so far (and they are indeed little excursions). I am strictly a flat water kayaker, no white water for me at this point.

I'm including a JPG file, a GPX file, and a KMZ file when I have them available. The GPX file comes from the same Garmin GPS device that I use for hiking. I convert GPX files to KMZ at In order to make the JPG, I load the GPX file into Google Earth and do a screen capture.

I'm not making a KMZ file available for download. I think that most any program that can read a KMZ file can also read a KMZ file. A KMZ file is really just a zipped copy of a KMZ file. Indeed, you can rename a KMZ file as a ZIP file and open it with any software that can process ZIP files. If you do so, you will see the KMZ file inside inside the ZIP file.

Map - kayaking the Holston River

2 Aug 2014

3.07 miles

1:37 hours

Holston River. Holston Park to Dickenson Island

Holston Park is on a small channel of the Holston River at Boyd's Island. The small channel connects up with the main Holston River which soon merges with the French Broad River to form the Tennessee River. The Tennessee River then passes Ijams Park which is on the south bank of the Tennessee River and the kayaking route follows a small channel of the Tennessee River between Dickenson Island and the south bank. Knoxville's Downtown Island Airport is on Dickenson Island, and the put-in point for boats is on the airport property across the small channel from Ijams Park.

Map - kayaking the Clinch River

20 Jul 2016

6.1 miles

3:14 hours

Clinch River. Rowing Club to Haw Ridge Park boat ramp

The Rowing Club is a well known site along the Clinch River in Oak Ridge. The boat ramp at Haw Ridge Park is about 6 miles downstream. The route passes the Bull Run Steam Plant whence the river makes a sharp bend right (to the west) towards the Haw Ridge Park.

Map - kayaking along Downtown Island Airport

16 Sep 2016

2.6 miles

2:14 hours

Tennessee River. Downtown Island Airport to Ijams Park and beyond

This is an area I go frequently, usually by myself. It's an easy, short paddle. This time, I went with a group of people, leaving at sunset to see a munificent harvest moon.

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