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Ruby Cox Letter, June 1925

image of page 1 of Ruby Cox Bryan letter

Morristown, Tennessee
June 1925

Dear Mother, Father & Bro:

Will answer your letter
this hot afternoon.  It sure will
roast you if you get in the sun.

Sorry to hear papa isn't doing
any good.  I was in hopes he
would get better.  Maybe he will
gain afterwhile I reckon a body
gets impatient.  Hope the rest
are well tho I guess you are
about run down.  I'm so glad
Turner stayed to help you.  He
can help you lots.

We are getting along pretty
good.  I've been feeling better

This letter was from Ruby Priscilla Cox to her parents George and Rett Cox and to her younger brother Robert Cox.

Ruby and her husband Emmert Oral Bryan were my paternal grandparents.  George Jackson Cox and Clarissa Loretta (Rett) Nichols were my great grandparents.

The letter was written in June of 1925.  At that time, Ruby was married with two children, and her brother Robert was 15 years old.

She was writing from Morristown.  Her parents were living in Jefferson County, about ten miles away.

I assume the reference to "papa" was a reference to Ruby's father George Cox, although she refers to him as "Father" in the salutation of the letter.

Turner was Joseph Turner Harrison, Ruby's nephew.  He was the son of Dan Harrison and Ruby's sister Ethel Cox.  Turner was 12 years old in 1925.

image of page 2 of Ruby Cox Bryan letter

for a day or two yet I don't
feel good nor won't I don't
guess.  My head still bothers
me but I guess it will for the
rest of my life.  It don't run
like it ought to.  The Dr. said if
it wouldn't run out my ear
it would mean an operation
behind my ear.  Don't guess I
will ever have that.  The rest
are pretty gaily.  Edna is at home
and is getting along fine.  She is
sore of course but she looks just

Jack had a good time down
there.  Lena Maud missed him
She's a bad egg.  She has
nearly all her teeth thru.  Her

      (text missing)

The reference to Ruby's head hurting concerns a mastoid infection which killed her on August 9th of the same year.  The letter does not make reference to it, but she was pregnant at the time the letter was written and she gave birth on July 23.  She was being prepped for mastoid surgery at the time of her death, but she never made it to the operating room.

The reference to Edna was to Edna Omage Bryan who was Ruby's sister-in-law.  Aunt Edna was 17 years old in 1925.  I don't know why Aunt Edna was sore, or why there was a reference to her being home and getting along just fine.  She must have injured herself or have had some sort of medical problem in the summer of 1925.

Jack and Lena Maude were Ruby's children.  Jack was 3 years old at the time, and Lena Maude was about 1 and 1/2.  As of the time this letter was written, Ruby appears still to have been taking care of her children.  But in another letter a few weeks later, Ruby was so sick that her parents were taking care of the children.

The reference to Jack "having a good time down there" was a reference to him having visited Emmert's mother and his two younger sisters, Willie (known as Bill or Aunt Bill) and the aforementioned Edna.  It would make sense that Jack might have been visiting with his grandmother and his aunts to give Ruby a break from childcare, given that she was 8 months pregnant and that she was suffering from a severe mastoid infection.

image of page 3 of Ruby Cox Bryan letter

      (text missing)

      will help him.
If he can stand the trip.

Tell Minnie Mrs. Williams
wanted them patterns I sent
her and to cut her off some
and take them your house.

She can get them from there.

Minnie was Ruby's older sister Minnie Cox who married Port Slaton (Uncle Port).

I do not know who Mrs. Williams was.  The aforementioned Edna Omage Bryan married Lon Williams in 1932, and Mrs. Williams might have been Uncle Lon's mother.

image of page 4 of Ruby Cox Bryan letter

I ????? for a few days
but they are better and she seems
all right.

Ethel's trip didn't seem to hurt
her of course she was tired but
she seemed to be feeling pretty
well Friday night.

I forgot to tell you Emmert
split his thumb open the other
day.  It is cut to the bone.  Is
doing o.k.  Jack's sores are getting
about well.

Well, I can't think of any news
so I'd better close.  Let us hear
from you soon.

Love to all

From your children
Tell papa to come up and stay.

The reference to Ethel could have been a reference to Ruby's older sister Mary Emily Ethel (Ethel) Cox who married Dan Harrison (Uncle Dan).  The reference to Ethel also could have been a reference to Emmert's older sister Lydia Ethel (Ethel) Bryan was married Robert Elmer (Elmer) Cox in 1919.  Uncle Elmer was Ruby's first cousin.

As previously mentioned, Emmert was Ruby's husband.

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