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Ruby Cox Letter, 14 July, 1925

image of page 1 of Ruby Cox Bryan letter

Morristown, Tennessee

July 14, 1925

Dear Mother & all:

Will write you a few
words to tell you I am still
living but my head is still
bothering me.  It hurt me most
all day yesterday and hurt a
while last night till I got
doped up.  I feel pretty bad and
am weak I reckon from so much
suffering.  The rest are well.
Hope everybody is as well as
common.  Guess the children
are all right and having a
good time.  Hope they're not
giving so much trouble.  Would
like mighty well to see them.

Ethel & family are well.

We had a little rain last
night but not much storm.

Tell Mrs. Bryan I'll try to write
her soon.  I don't feel like
doing anything.

Will get some postals
and write every day or two
so don't worry about me

This letter was from Ruby Priscilla Cox to her mother Clarissa Loretta (Rett) Nichols and family.  Ruby's father was George Jackson CoxRuby and her husband Emmert Oral Bryan were my grandparents.

The letter was dated July 14, 1925.  Ruby gave birth on July 23, and she died from a mastoid infection (behind her inner ear) on August 9.  She was already very sick from the infection when this letter was written.

The references to "the children" were references to Ruby's children Jack and Lena Maude who were being taken care of by Ruby's parents because she was so sick.

Ethel was Ruby's sister Mary Emily Ethel (Ethel) Cox who married Daniel Harrison (Uncle Dan Harrison).  Uncle Dan was the brother of Emmert's mother Nannie Virginia (Nannie) Harrison.

Mrs. Bryan was Ruby's mother-in-law Nancy Virginia (Nannie) Harrison who married William Harley (Harley) BryanHarley had died in 1915.

Dan Harrison and Nannie Harrison were brother and sister.  So Ethel Cox married Dan Harrison and Ethel's sister Ruby married Dan's nephew Emmert Bryan.  Dan was 11 years older than his wife Ethel, and Ethel was 11 years older than her sister Ruby.

image of page 2 of Ruby Cox Bryan letter

may be I'll be all right
pretty soon.

If you come back soon
bring the babies we are
wanting to see them.

Kiss them for me.

Well I haven't any news
so guess I'll close and
go to bed a while.

Let us hear from you
all soon.

   Love to all.
   your children.

There were no additional people mentioned on the second page of the letter.  Ruby mentions missing her children once again, and she obviously was heading off to bed after posting the letter because of how badly she felt.

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