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Baker's Game

Picture of Baker's Game
  1. The object of the game is to move all the cards to the Foundation Piles.
  2. Only one card can be moved at a time.
  3. Cards are moved into the four Foundation Piles by suit, Ace on top of an empty Foundation Pile, 2 on top of an Ace, 3 on top of a 2, 4 on top of a 3, etc. through King on top of a Queen.  Once moved into a Foundation Pile, cards may not be moved back to a Free Cell or to a Board Cell.  In this initial position, the Ace of spaces may be moved to its Foundation Pile immediately, but the other Aces must be uncovered before they can be moved to their respective Foundation Piles.
  4. Cards may be moved into the Foundation Piles from either the Free Cells or from the Board Cells.
  5. The Free Cells may contain up to four cards, one card per Free Cell.
  6. Cards that may be legally moved may be moved into and out of the Free Cells at any time.
  7. Cards in the Board Cells can only be moved if they are at the exposed end of one of the stacks (4 of clubs, Ace of spades, Jack of clubs, Queen of diamonds, etc. in this initial position).
  8. Cards may be moved to an empty column in the Board Cells, and may be placed on the next higher card of the same suit on the exposed end of a non-empty Board Cell.  In this initial position, there are not yet any empty Board Cells, and the Jack of diamonds may be placed on the Queen of Diamonds.

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