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War of 1812 Service - Elijah Cross of Tennessee

This is information from a couple of sources.  I have listed this as four different Elijah Crosses, but there were probably only two.  Hall's Regiment and Bradley's regiment were the same unit.  The multiple listings occur because there were multiple muster rolls for the same unit taken at different times.  The Hall/Bradley unit was from Middle Tennessee, and is unlikely to have included any of my Crosses from East Tennessee.  Allison's unit was from East Tennessee and is likely to have included my Crosses of East Tennessee.

The Elijah Cross from East Tennessee appears to have been Elijah Cross Jr., son of Elijah Cross Sr. and nephew of my fourth great grandfather William Cross the Revolutionary War drummer boy.  William had a son Elijah who was about the same age as Elijah Cross Jr., but William's son Elijah appears not to have served in the War of 1812.

2nd Sergent
Jan 6 1814
Col. Ewen Allison
Capt. William King
Drafted Militia

2nd Corporal Nov 21, 1812 Maj. Thomas Benton Capt. Henry D. Douglas Vol. Inf.
Corporal Dec. 10, 1812 Col. Thomas Benton Capt. Harry Douglass Vol. Infantry
Corporal Sept 24, 1813 Col. Edward Bradley Capt. Harry Douglass Vol. Infantry
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