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North Carolina Bryans in the Revolutionary War

(sent to me by Jane Sherman)

From Roster of Soldiers From North Carolina in the American Revolution. Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1972 (Orig. pub by DAR of NC in 1932).

Bryans in index:
Ambrose, Benjamin, David, Darby, Dempsey, Hardy, Hez'h, James, John, Jonathan, William Jno., John C., Kedar, Keeder, Lewis, Mills, Needham, Randle, Reuben, Robert, Thos., Wm (12 references).

Bryants in index:
Ambrose, Charles, Darby, Dempsey, James, Jesse, John, Nicholas, Obea, Robert, Thos., William

I do not recognize any of these as being any of mine.  My fifth great grandfather Peter Bryan served in the Virginia militia.  A number of Bryan lines in East Tennessee moved here from North Carolina, but my Bryans moved to East Tennessee from Virginia.

A possible complication is that the Morgan Bryan family moved from Virginia to North Carolina.  Many of Morgan's descendants then moved west out of North Carolina into places such as Tennessee and Kentucky.  It is not certain whether Peter Bryan was related to Morgan Bryan.  He probably wasn't, but the possibility cannot be totally discounted.  Morgan Bryan's family was in Rockingham County, Virginia at the same time as Peter Bryan's family.

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