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Settlement of Major William Peters, Roane County, Tennessee, 1807

The 1807 settlement for Major William Peters is the earliest settlement for a Peters family member that I have found so far in Tennessee.  Unfortunately, I do not know if he was connected to any of my Peters ancestors, nor does the settlement seem to shed any light on the subject.

William Peters' settlement was in Roane County.  My earliest Peters ancestors were in Anderson County, close to the Roane County line.  I find the Peters frequently moving between Anderson, Roane, and Morgan Counties, but I am not aware of any connection between Major William Peters and my Peters family in Anderson County.

     September Term 1807
     Inventory of Major Wm. Peters Est.
The amount of property which has come
to our knowledge belonging to Major Wm
Peters deceased.
One Negro girl named Phillis
One sorrel Horse
One mare and Colt
eight Cows & six Calves
One yoke oxen
One large Steer
Four heifers
One Yearling
Thirteen head of hogs
One Kettle
One dutch Oven
One Pot
One Cupboard
One Table
One light ???? Wagon
One Note for seven dollars eighty three
cents on? Thomas Blake
Three hundred and twelve bushel of Corn
on Thomas Blake and Wm. Greens
Five dollars due from James Robinson
                       Samuel C. Hall Acw?
                       Wm. Brown Acw?

     December Sessions 1807
     William Peters Estate
Acct of Late transactions
The amount of property sold belonging to the
Estate of Wm Peters desc. October 15th 1807
four head hogs $12                        12.
9 head doo? $25                           25.
112 Bushels Corn 2/ per Bushel $104      104.
1 Wagon and hand Gears $55                55.
1 Negro girl  280                   280.
1 yoke oxen $35                           35.
1 cow and heifer $13.25                   13.25
1 Cow heifer and Calf                     17.
1 Cow and calf                            11.
1 Cow and heifer                          12.75
1 Sorrel horse                           100.
1 Gray Mare and Colt                      50.25
Three Cows and Calves and some other young
cattle the number are not known in the hand
of Mark Renfrow which refuses to give up
as he says he purchased in the lifetime
of Wm. Peters.
One Cow and Calf two heifers and one Steer
claimed as the property of Jacob Dock who
has since said they belonged to Major Peters
Estate and relinquished his claim but the
sale of the said named Cattle continued
till the 7th November 1807 and there sold
as follows, to wit 

one Cow and Calf                          11.50
one steer at                              12.00
one heifer at                              4.00
one Doo at                                 7.50
       within Sails amount to            748.25
one Table $72 cents                         .72
one kettle 1 84/100                        1.84
one Doo 1.50                               1.50
1 Dutch oven 1.37                          1.37
1 pot 2                                    2.00
1 Tea Kettle 13.50                        13.50
1 Cubboard 3                             762.31

                                  Wm Brown and
                                  Samuel C. Hall Adms
                                  of Wm Peters Des


     December Sysions 1807
Supplemental Inventory of the Estate of Wm.
Peters has come to me knowledge sense
the of Roane County 1807 and previous to
December session 1807
which Property was perishable and defensive?
and Giving it an advantage to said
Estate and Auditors.  I proposed to
sell the property hereafter named
after giving a sufficient notice advertizing
at the Court House Door and
Several public places in said County on
the 7th Day of November 1807.
The following is a true Inventory of the
last Mentioned property to wit

Five head of Hogs sold for 15.12 1/2                           15.12 1/2
two Doo at 6-12 1/2                                             6.12 1/2
The Balance during at large as the cop???
of Collecting them wold (sic) have amounted
to a considerable part of the Estate of
the same. Consequently set up and                               .80 1/2
sold to the highest ??? the chance of them
which sold for
                                                                31.25 1/2
one small trun 1-12 1/2                                          1.12 1/2
one Set Coopers tools                                            1.
1 Biger? Sythe .31 1/2                                            .31 1/2
five? Spectacles and Caces 1-5 1/4                               1.5 1/4
one Small Box 1-50                                               1.50
one Small Writing Desk                                           1.
2 old S??? augers .62 1/2                                         .62 1/2
1 pair plated Spi??? .75                                         1.75
1 Tegar? Box and Candle Water .68 3/4                             .68 3/4
1 Large trunk 3-6 1/4                                            3.6 1/4
1 Iron Cutter 1                                                  1.
1 Pewter tea kettle .37 1/2                                       .37 1/2
1 Strong Box  2                                                  2.
1 Case 1                                                         1.
1 Doo 1                                                           .25
1 Chair Back .25                                                  .25
1 old ax 1-37 1/2                                                1.37 1/2
1 Mo?ticing ax .81 1/4                                            .81 1/4
3 ?ingle Trees and two stretchers                                2.25
1 old Sitting Chair .12 1/2                                       .12 1/2
1 old Chair .6 1/2                                                .6 1/2
                                                                41.85 3/4

                                              Wm Brown &     >
                                              Samuel C. Hall > admn 
                                              of Wm Peters Decd

      June Sessions 1808
      William Peters
The Amount of The wearing apparel of the Estate of
Wm Peters Deceased which has come to my know
ledge to wit.  3 Close bodied Coats 4 pair Pantaloons
3 Waistcoats, 2 Shirts 5 Meck Cloths
  June 21st 1808  Wm Brown & Samuel C. Hall
                  Administrators of Wm Peters decd

     September Sessions 1808
     Wm Peters
Kingston July 18th 1808
 We the undersigned Common persons Who being
Chosen by the ???? Court of Roane County after
????? Examined the Inventories ????? of sales of
the Estate of William Peters deceased do Certify
that the amount of Sales appears from the
Aforesaid papers is eight hundred four dollars
fifteen Cents and that We do allow William
Brown & Samuel C. Hall Administrators of
William Peters decd for their Services as
administrators aforesaid the Sum of two
Hundred eight dollars & forty cents, it being
A Compensation for their Services as ordered by them, and
We further Certify that After having Examined the
Map? Acct of Samuel C. Hall and of the administra
tors Aforesaid against the Estate Aforesaid that
said Acct is five hundred & Fifteen Dollars Seventeen
Cents And that Amount rendered by said Hall
?????? One hundred & four Dollars Six cents
And we do find they justify that After having made
the allowance to said Hall & Brown for their
Services as administrators the Sum of Five Hundred
Eight Dollars & forty Cents.  ??? ??? ??? five
hundred Ninety five Dollars & seventy six Cents.  And
After having Allowed said Hall his Mip? Acct which
is Five hundred & fifteen Dollars Sixty two cents which
he is allowed to claim as Administrator as long as his lands leave a ballance
when applied to the Acct of Hall & Smith Which
Acct said Hall is authorized to retain as
Aforesaid leaves a ballance due to said
Hall &
Smith's sum of Twenty three Dollars & Ninety two
Cents.  Given under our hands & seal this day &
Year aforesaid.                              Samuel Estridge
                                             John McEiven?
                                             ????? Cox

Roane County September Term 1808
This is as the other Settlement for ??? in our
Court, ??? & conferenced by the Court and
ordered to be ?????.

               Henry Br???? C R & by his ???
                       Jno P???s

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