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Will of Tobias Peters Sr.

In the name of God Amen.
I, Tobias Peters, of the county of Anderson and the state of
Tennessee, being sick and weak of body but of sound mind
and disposing memory (for which I thank God) and
calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being
desirous to dispose of all such worldly substance as it has
pleased God to bless me with, I Give and bequeath the
same in manner and form following, that is to say
I give and bequeath to my Rachel that part of my land
which lies on the south side of the creek for her
support, but not granting her the ability of selling
the same.  I desire that all my children which have not
received any part of the estate shall have in proportion
with those that have received.  I desire that my mother
be supported during her life.  I desire that the balance
of the estate be sold and equal division made amongst
the heirs and lastly I do constitute and appoint
my two sons James Peters and John Peters executors
of this my last will and testament & also Guardians
for my Daughter Rachel.  In testimony whereof I have
herewith set my hand this 25th of January 1831.
                                       Tobias x Peters  (seal)

Signed & acknowledged in the presince (sic) of us
Robert Galbraith
Samuel Tunnell

Tobias Peters Sr. was not my ancestor.  He was an early resident of Anderson County, Tennessee where I have many Peters ancestors.  Anderson County was created in 1801, and Tobias Peters Sr. and my fifth great grandfather Henry Peters Sr. appeared as taxpayers in Anderson County in 1802.  Tobias Sr. and Henry Sr. almost certainly were related.  Perhaps they were brothers or cousins, but the exact relationship has not been determined.

Except for the two executors and the minor child, Tobias's will does not name his children.  His children are known from a series of deeds wherein each child sold their undivided share of the land they inherited from Tobias to John Key.

Marriage records indicate that Tobias's wife was Elizabeth Scarborough.  It is not clear if her name was Elizabeth Rachel Scarborough, or if the Rachel at the time of his will was Tobias's second wife.  I presently think that there was only one wife named Elizabeth Rachel Scarborough, but I do not have proof positive.

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