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1860 Census, Monroe County, Indiana

Bloomington Twp, Monroe County, Indiana, 29 Jun 1860, Bloomington PO
p.681, dwelling number 23, family number 23
Yoter    George         58 m w  farmer  $1500/$300  NC
         Elizabeth      42 f w                      VA
Langley  Isaac          49 m w  laborer  /$157      TN  cannot R/W
         Philpina       46 f w                      TN
         Emelia         23 f w                      TN
         Wm. J.         18 m w                      IN
         Jno. F.        21 m w                      IN
         Isaac          16 m w                      IN
         Rebecca        14 f w                      IN
         James F.       12 m w                      IN
         Felix G.       11 m w                      IN
         Nancy J.        9 f w                      IN
         Mary Ann        7 f w                      IN
         Elizabeth       5 f w                      IN
         George W.       4 m w                      IN
         Wesley M.       3 m w                      IN
         America      8/12 f w                      IN

Rebecca Langley age 14 is believed to have been the mother of Peona (Peony or Piney) Langley who married Jacob Benton Cross.  Jacob Benton Cross was born in Tennessee, but was from a branch of my Cross family that moved to Indiana.

Piney Langley was born about 1862 or 1863.  The 1870 and 1880 censuses would suggest that she was the daughter of Isaac Langley and Philopena Shoffner.  Piney was definitely raised by Isaac and Philopena.  However, I believe that Piney was the daughter of Rebecca born out of wedlock, and hence that she was the granddaughter of Isaac and Philopena rather than having been their daughter.  I haven't found Rebecca in any census subsequent to 1860.  I don't know if she died or if she married between 1860 and 1870.  In any case, she was no longer living with the family in 1870.

Jacob Benton Cross was the son of Franklin W. (Frank) Cross and Virginia Florence Laymance.  As such, Jacob was the great grandson of my fourth great grandfather William Cross the Revolutionary War Drummer boy.  Jacob's line was William -> Elijah -> Franklin W. (Frank) -> Jacob.

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