Descendants of John James Nichols Sr.

Much of the information on this site relies on the research of Wyatt McKinley (Mac) Nichols as published in his book The Nichols Book. I never met Mac Nichols in person. He was my grandmother's first cousin, and I knew several individuals of that generation who knew Mac Nichols. By all accounts, he was a very careful and detailed researcher. But for the older generations in this tree I have not yet had the opportunity to verify all of Mac's research. I do know that his book is not under copyright restrictions, and that all of Mac's research materials were discarded by his family not too long after his death. My Nichols line, and that of my Grandmother Ruby Cox and that of Mac Nichols himself, goes back through James P. Catlett and Sarah F. (Sally) Nichols. It is not clear from available data if James and Sallie were never married or if they were married and divorced. In any case, they had three children together and were forced to separate due to a family feud between the Nichols family and the Catlett family. As a result, any modern Nichols men in our family who did Y-DNA testing would need to compare their results to Catlett DNA rather than to Nichols DNA.
Jerry Bryan

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