First Generation

1. Tobias Peters Sr1,2,3,4,5,6 was born between 1776 and 1780 in Virginia. Peggy Breckenridge gives the birth place as Bedford County, Virginia. Most researchers give the birth date as about 1770. The 1830 Anderson County census gives an age of 50-59, imputing a birth date of 1771-1780. Tobias was not listed in the 1792 or 1796 taxpayers lists in Greenbrier County, Virginia. Hence, I believe he was not 21 years of age until 1796 or later. These facts yield a birth date of 1776/1780.

He appeared in the tax list in 1806 in Anderson County, Tennessee. Tobias Peters, Capt Oliver's Company, 1 poll.

He appeared in the census in 1830 in Anderson County, Tennessee.

p.192, line 4, Anderson County, Tennessee, 1830
Tobias Peters 12220001-01000001

00-04 1 0 1826-1830 Elijah Peters
05-09 2 1 1821-1825 Tobias Peters Jr., Jason Peters, Rachel Peters
10-14 2 0 1816-1820 Wesley Peters, Silas Peters
15-19 2 0 1811-1815
20-29 0 0 1801-1810
30-39 0 0 1791-1800
40-49 0 0 1781-1790
50-59 1 1 1771-1780 Tobias Peters Sr., Elizabeth Rachel Scarborough

Tobias died in January 1831 at the age of 55 in Anderson County, Tennessee.7 Will probated 25 Jan 1831.

The will of John Jacob Peters in Giles County, Virginia listed eight children. None of them were Tobias Peters or Henry Peters. It seems likely that Tobias and Henry were related to John Jacob Peters, but if so it is not apparent what they relationship might be. (RGB)

Some researchers list Tobias Peters Jr. as Tobias Carpenter Peters Jr., and by implication Tobias Peters Sr. would be Tobias Carpenter Peters Sr. But I have seen no data to support this guess (RGB).

Anderson County Deed Book A-1 page 84
1 Jan 1803 James Scarbrough of Anderson County
to Tobias Peters of Anderson County, for $1.50,
120 acres in Anderson Co., west side of Clinch
River, near the river bank, running up the
river, including the meanders, near top of ridge.
120 acres part of 600 acre tract that James
Scarbrough now lives on. James Scarbrough does
not warrant should an older and better title
take said land. 7 Dec 1803
wit: Daniel White James Scarbrough

13 Mar 1804 Tobias appointed Juror.

Wed Mar 14 1804 Tobias was appointed Juror to lay out a road from James Scarbro's ferry to the lower end of Anderson County.

12 Jun 1804 Tobias served on a jury.

14 Jun 1804 Tobias served on a jury.

Wed Oct 10 1810. p. 10: The following persons were appointed Jurors to the Circuit Court to be held at Clinton on the fourth Monday of February next (viz) ..... James Scarbro, Tobias Peters, William Scarbrough.

Thurs. Oct 11 1810 p.13: A deed from John Scarbrough to James Scarbrough was proven in open court by Samuel Scurlock and Tobias Peters.

Friday 15th October 1811 p.76: Ordered by the Court that the following persons be Jurors the next Circuit Court for this county...... Tobias Peters.

Monday April 13th 1812. Ordered by the court that Tobias Peters is to review roads.

Friday 16th Jan 1813: Ordered that the following persons be Jurors to the next County Court (towit): .... Tobias Peters, Henry Peters.

Tewsday Arp 13 1813 County Court p. 187 Henry Peters, Tobias Peters, James Scarbro jurors.

15 July 1813 p. 212 Tobias Peters, Juror, Samuel Robbins vs. Andrew McKnight

1814 Bunch's Regiment, E. Tennessee Militia, War of 1812. He was a corporal. Misc. roll 163 box roll 602. Possibly 2nd Regiment of East Tennessee Militia.

Anderson County Deed Book A-1 page 188
21 May 1821 William Scarbrough to Tobias Peters,
John Scarbrough, Caleb Low, Robert Scarbrough,
Spencer Keith, James Richmond, and Henry Peters,
trustees of bethel meeting house for the
Methodist Church of Anderson and Knox
Counties, for the good will and feeling I have
for the cause of religion, 1 acre and 26 poles
in Anderson Co., on north side of Clinch River,
passing through the head of a spring, to a
stake near the road, to the beginning.
Reg. 11 Apr 1821
Wit: Thomas Peters William Scarbrough
Robert Scarbrough

The following is from SOME PIONEER PREACHERS AND TEACHERS of TENNESSEE, compiled by ROSALIE AUSMUS KEEVER, 1974 (This publication is a Bicentennial project of the Tennessee Society, NSDAR)

PETERS, TOBIAS, lived in Anderson County. He was an exhorter, or a local preacher of the Methodist church. The Peters' home was often the scene of religious services for the entire community. His son James was one of the leaders of Morgan County. James was born near what is now Clinton, Tennessee, August 25, 1798. In 1823 he married Rachel McCartt. She was the daughter of Robert and Hannah McCartt who lived on the headwaters of Emory River in Morgan County. He and his wife had six boys and seven girls. Several teachers and preachers in this family.

The following is from June Gill, E-mail 22 Oct 2000 describing where the list of Tobias children comes from.

There are deeds of conveyance for the property of Tobias Peters deceased in Anderson County Tn. for all of these children. The property was sold to John M. Keys. 1. Tobias Jr & Louisa his wife of Anderson County, Jan 14, 1840 2. James Peters of Morgan County Sep. 2, 1839 3. John Peters 4. Polly Peters 5. Agnes McCart (3, 4, & 5, were all on one document and it was dated July 13, 1834. all of Anderson County. 6. Rebecca Clardy of Anderson County March 1855 7. Elijah Peters of Fannin County, Texas October 12, 1856 8. Wesley M. Peters of Anderson County, Nov 8, 1836 9. Silas & Anna Peters his wife of Lafayette County, Missouri June 1839. Silas married Ann Powell on Feb. 21, 1839 in Odessa, (Lafayette), Mo. 10. Jason Peters March 26, 1842 11. Rachel (We know that she was his daughter by his will. John M. Keys had all of these documents so that he could buy the land and the each one is for Tobias Peters deceased and the description of the land. This names all of the children that I have. Have not been able to locate the McCart that Agnes married. Her brother James married Rachel McCart, but so far have not found another McCart married to a Peters.

From the notes of John W. Peters. Great Grandson of James & Rachel McCart Peters: Tobias is noted in the history of Anderson County as an exhorter or local preacher of the Methodist faith. His home was often the site of religious services.

Tobias Peters Sr and Elizabeth Rachel Scarborough were married on 4 May 1797 in Greenbrier County, Virginia.8 Tobyas Petters and Eliza Scarborough, 4 May 1797 (Greenbrier County Marriages, 1782-1900, by Larry G. Shuck, transcribed primarily from minister's returns). I also had an E-mail which has been lost which says that they were married in the Rehoboth Church, an early Methodist church founded by Bishop Frances Asbury. I need to verify this latter reference. The Rehoboth Church was built in Greenbrier County, but was in the part of the county that became Monroe County when Monroe County was created in 1798. Monroe County (and Greenbrier County, for that matter) are in the part of the state that became West Virginia. The early records are currently housed in the court house in Lewisburg, Greenbrier County, West Virginia. (RGB)

Elizabeth Rachel Scarborough2,4,6,9,10, daughter of James Kennedy Scarbrough and Rachel Wood, was born on 4 April 1779 in [Greenbrier County], Virginia. She died on 18 February 1834 at the age of 54 in Anderson County, Tennessee.
Inventory of the Personal Estate of
Rachel Peters Deceased.
One Cupboard One Bed & furniture Two
bedsteads One flax wheel One Oven & One
Pot Some Table furniture and Some moeny
rec.d by the Court John Peters
and ordered to be recorded
Rec. 14th Feby 1834 J.J. Clark

Sale of Rachel Peters Estate
John Tabor 3 Plates 12 1/2
Cups & Saucers 12 1/2
1 Bed 331 1/4
1 Bed Quilt 41
??????? 6 1/4
?????? 14
William T. Lightfoot 1 bottle 12 1/4
John Peters 6 teaspoons 6 1/4 & salt barrels 8 1/4
1 fat Tub 68
1 book cash ? 13
1 flax wheel 2.02
Susy Farmer 1 bottle 18 3/4
Bebey Kesterson 1 Pot & Hook 76
1 pair ??? 19
Samuel Tunnel 1 oven & led 75
1 bedstead & cord 62 1/2
William Williams 2 Tubs 25
1 ????? 3
Willis S??? 1 Tub 4
1 Bed Quilt 78 1 basket 84
Matthew A. Farmer 1 counterpane 15
1 cow ??? 238
1 beadstead & cord 76
Isaac Armstrong 1 sheet 0.58 1/4
1 do & counterpain 1.40
1 ???? 4.32 1/4
Peter Johnson 1 cupboard 13.06 1/4
I do certify that this ??? is a true
return of the ??? of sale of the personal Estate
of Rachel Peters deceased John Peters
July 14th 1834 Administrator
Recorded 22nd 1834 John Jarnagan Clerk

Tobias Peters Sr-2964 and Elizabeth Rachel Scarborough-2965 had the following children:



James Peters-2967.



John Peters-4660.



Rebecca Peters-2970.



Agnes Peters-2968.



Mary (Polly) Peters-3202.



Wesley M Peters-3203.



Silas Peters-6440.



Tobias Peters Jr-2962.



Jason Peters-2966.



Rachel Peters9,11,12 was born in 1822 in Anderson County, Tennessee.



Elijah Peters-12612.