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Descendants of:

Cornelius O'Bryan 
Peter Bryan and Betty Hubbard 
Henry Peters Sr. and Mary Wiatt 
Tobias Peters Sr. and Elizabeth Rachel Scarborough 
Reubin Cox and Susanah Padgett 
William Slaydon and Susannah Flippin 
John James Nichols Sr. 
John England and Vesta Zipporah Choate 
Jacob England and Dicy Smith 
Joseph Woodhead 
John Bray and Jane 
William/Wilhelm Messamore and Margarethe Elizabeth (Peggy) May

My father's side of the family is Bryan and allied families from Sevier County, Jefferson County, and neighboring counties in East Tennessee.  Allied families include Cox, Harrison, Nichols, Underwood, Slaton, Pierce, Reneau, Cate, Langston, Brown, George, Price, Green, Catlett, Burchfiel, Wilhite, Martin, Pickering, Flippin, Cook, Hubbard, Enyard, Batey, Ramey, and Kirby.

My mother's side of the family is Peters and allied families from Anderson County and neighboring counties in East Tennessee.  Allied families include Williamson, Cole, Bray, Cross, England, Moore, Smith, Messamore, Braden, Wiatte, Choate, Bortles, May, Peak, McNeely, and Emerich.

Direct ancestors are in a bluish color throughout my Web pages.  There may be places where my ancestors have not yet been so marked, but I'm working on it.  My Web pages are always works in progress.

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